His principal objective is customer satisfaction.  He achieves this by communicating closely with the client at all stages of the assignment.  Goals are established at the outset and these include the style of writing (Canadian, American or British), how revisions will be presented to the writer and the required timeframe for the various stages of the assignment.  Presented facts will be meticulously researched and verified, as necessary.  Overall consistency of presentation will be maintained from start to finish.

Most organisations have some capability in-house for editing.  Inevitably, peaks occur and overload situations result.  This is when he says “Think of David!”.  He has the capacity to work on a contract basis or part-time to help with overload situations.  Previous assignments have covered a wide range of topics.  In particular, he has worked in the following areas:

  • Academic papers
  • Government policy papers
  • Magazines and magazine articles
  • Educational publications
  • Entertainment releases and performance information
  • Financial reports
  • Marketing bulletins
  • Instruction manuals
  • Web-site editing
  • Bulletins for charitable and religious organisations

In summary, he offers a service that is second to none in accuracy, consistency, dependability, cost effectiveness and, above all, clarity.  That’s why he says “Think of David!”.